Our Partners

powell_logoHarvest Oak Capital partnered with Powell Investment Advisors in 2009 to sub-advise the Target Closed-End Fund Portfolio.  Powell Investment Advisors is an independent registered investment advisor which specializes in wealth management and advisory services.

A big difference between Powell Investment Advisors and some of the bigger institutions is that they do not try to tactically time the market.  Market timing has long been the curse of investors seeking to grow their wealth over time as it is easy to succumb to flawed, emotion-driven decision making.  Fear is a powerful force and investor anxiety is the main reason downturns are greatly amplified.  In fact, most people’s desire to avoid losing money is greater than their desire to earn it.

Over the long term, markets have trended steadily upward. Yet, what investors experience day to day can be unnerving.  It’s natural to want to react to today’s 24-hour news-cycle, but doing so can deprive one of long-term gains. Market timing would be difficult enough if it involved only one call on where asset prices were headed; in fact, it involves two: when to get out of the market and when to get back in. The impulse to time markets usually results in mistiming them, sometimes disastrously.

Powell Investment Advisors’ philosophy is that the best approach to building wealth is to remain invested in a well-diversified portfolio that is systematically rebalanced after market fluctuations.  A well-balanced portfolio of equities, fixed income and alternative investments over the long term is the most effective way to preserve capital, compound returns and benefit from the markets’ long-term upward trend.



In November 2010, our team expanded our resources and experience by affiliating with Dan Fort and Walnut Creek Capital Advisors.

Prior to founding Walnut Creek Capital Advisors, Dan Fort spent over 30 years in corporate finance at Ernst & Young, a global professional services partnership, and in corporate development at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, a global technology firm. He joined Ernst & Young in 1972 and played an instrumental role in developing the firm’s corporate finance practice in the US, building and managing the southeast practice headquartered in Atlanta. In 1999 Dan managed the corporate development activities at Ernst & Young Consulting and continued in that role following Ernst & Young Consulting’s merger with Cap Gemini, a European-based global technology company. Over his career, he has advised hundreds of small and middle market companies in various industries with business strategy, merger, acquisition, financing and divestiture needs. While Dan has represented mostly middle market companies, in many cases the transactions of those companies have been with large, multi-national enterprises including Philip Morris, Bank of America, Citigroup, J. P. Morgan Chase, The Home Depot and Safeco Insurance. Dan is a CPA and received AB and MBA degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was a North Carolina Business Foundation Fellow. He is also a contributing author to the Ernst & Young Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions